Low Voltage Systems


The need for security has never been greater. With advanced electronic solutions and our security capabilities address the full range of customer needs and applications, from entry-level, single workstation access control systems to high-performance, networked security management systems. Whether you're seeking to protect a small single-story building or connect multiple sites in a fully integrated security management, Dynalectric can provide just the right electronic security solution.

Fire Alarms

Our systems offer customers proven fire detection and alarm technology. We handle new construction as well as retrofit projects, offering advanced systems for every appplication -- from small, single-story buildings to high-rise office complexes to networked multi-building campuses.

Equally important, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure customer compliance with today's stringent codes, standards, and design practices.


Communications technology and systems are more sophisticated than ever before. To communicate effectively, we have to take advantage of the speed, precision, dependability and the flexibility of today's advanced technology.

We offer a full array of integrated sound and communications solutions, from digital telephone, voice messaging, intercom and emergency call systems to nurse call, wandering patient and master clock systems.


In industrial settings, a company's success depends on the productivity of its operations. Disruptions in integrated manufacturing processes can cause serious setbacks.

Dynalectric can help optimize building and plant systems so they work seamlessly and reliably -- preventing injury, loss and costly downtime. We'll work with you to implement a customized solution that maximizes the return on your investment.

We have the technology and the know-how to help customers meet their building communication challenges. What's more, we can easily and cost-effectively integrate our building communication solutions with existing systems and with today's digital networking platforms.

We apply our years of practical, hand-on experience to keep your people and facilities fully protected and working at peak efficiency. You'll have the peace of mind that comes from working with a company that understands the critical infrastructure and support needs of industrial customers -- and the value of strong business partnerships.